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Scholarships for Master's Program

Governmental Agencies


Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)
Stipend NT$30,000 / month (Tuition 50% Waiver)
Ministry of Education (MOE)
Bachelor Students: Stipend NT$15,000 / month
Graduate Students: Stipend NT$20,000 / month (Tuition 100% Waiver)

National Dong Hwa University


Tuition 50% ~ 100% Waiver
Bachelor Students: Stipend NT$20,000 / semester
Graduate Students: Stipend NT$30,000 / semester

Tuition 100% Waiver: This shall not include accommodation and other expenses (including agency, insurance, and Internet fees)
Stipend NT$6,000/ month
Research Incentive: NT$8,000 / month
Students elegible for application: first year Doctoral students
Stipend NT$40,000 / month (for a period of 4 years)

College of Environmental Studies


International Graduate Student Scholarship
Admitted graduate students who are recipients of NDHU's 50% or 100% tuition waiver scholarships, the college's international affairs committee will additionally select a number of students each semester
Staged disbursement of NT$16,000 for the semester
Graduate Student Academic Research Excellence Scholarship
Master's students: NT$2,000 ~ $4,000 / month for 4 months (for one semester)
Ph. D. students: NT$6,000 ~ $8,000 / month for 4 months (for one semester)