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【Guest Talk】 Dr. Lin,Yih-Ren. Mar. 31, 10:10-12:00
Date: Mar. 31, 10:10-12:00
Invited guest: Dr. Lin,Yih-Ren, Associate Professor, Chair, Graduate Institute of Humanities in Medicine, Taipei Medical University 
Title: Millet Ark: The Practices of Indigenous Traditional Ecological Agricultural Knowledge through Community Women
Venue: CES building lecture hall
Language: bilingual (Chinese/English)
This talk will address an action and narrative about millet culture revitalization led by Tayal community women. The focus will be rest on the practice and value of indigenous traditional agricultural ecological knowledge. For a long time, the study of indigenous traditional ecological knowledge faces two main fundamental predicaments. This talk will critically review the situation and seek the way out. Firstly, the knowledge is often regarded as fragmented, outdated, changeable and contextualized so that it is not qualified from the systemic and normalized view of science. Secondly, it is the obstacle from the indigenous techno-bureaucratic system that tends to sterilize and archive the knowledge in a way of de-linking indigenous contemporary situation so that the knowledge becomes inert, passive and doomed to be preserved in the past time. This talk will argue from a perspective of situated knowledge to show a sensitive, adaptive, lively and practical dimension of indigenous knowledge. This case of “millet ark” action initiated by Tayal women in Hsin-Chu Chien-She district will be illustrated to justify the argument.