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【活動新聞】Thai Songkran festival 泰國潑水節活動

We would like to introduce the Songkran festival to everyone. Songkran Day is specially significant to the Thai people. Because, its importance as New Year's Day.

The word Songkran derives from the Pali language of the Buddhist scriptures. In Pali the word Sankhara, or Sankranti in Sanskrit, refers to the movement of the sun from one sign of the Zodiac to another, here from Aries to Taurus. The word changed to Sangkan in Thai, and later to Songgran (Thai pronunciation) or Songkran (writing habit). The Songkran celebration is similar to those of the Indian “Holi Festival”, the Chinese “Ching Ming Festival” or “清明節”, and the Christian festival of “Christmas Day”.  Members of a family, usually scattered in faraway places, had a chance to stay, enjoy and celebrate together in a family reunion.

In Thailand, this festival is celebrated for three days from April 13 to April 15. Traditional activity before the celebrations, people will clean their houses in the hope of casting away any bad luck of the old year, so that good fortune will slip into their new lives instead. Part of the ritual was the cleaning of images of Buddha. Using the blessed water that cleaned the images to soak other people is seen as a way of paying respect and brings good fortune. Food and sweets will be prepared in advance for merit making and for treating guests.

One of the important activities (called “Rot Nam Dam Hua”) for young people to do is to convey their best wishes to their elders by pouring water on them or their palms. After this, it is time for children and young people to have full enjoyment with water-throwing, dancing and folk games. Nowadays Thai peoples and foreigners will walk on major streets that are closed for traffic, all dress up in colorful clothing, having 'water fights', using containers of water or water guns, or stand at the side of roads with a hose and soak anyone who passes by. This festival is so fun and makes happiness to everyone. We really hope you will enjoy the Songkran festival for the year ahead.

Thai students of National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan

April 2016


Thai students would like to tell….
Jintana Chaiwong (Kook): Ph.D. student of NRES international program, NDHU
This is the first year that I joined in Song Kran festival ceremony in abroad. I didn’t expect that many people would come to join in this ceremony but it contrasted many people came to join. Thank you very much all of you included professors, international students, and local students. All of you made me missed my family because the event process was the same in Thailand. When I stayed in Thailand I pour water on the hands of my parents and my relatives, whom I respect and they would bless me. After finished this process, I also splashed water with them. In the same situation yesterday, I got feeling as I live in Thailand. Thank you again to join us. I won’t forget this ceremony forever because I got a new family when I missed my family. YOU ARE MY FAMILY.
Sarocha Dangsiri (Beauty): Master's degree student of HES international program, NDHU
It would be our pleasure to introduce and carry on our traditional festival to our beloved persons and university. I hope you enjoy and impress the importance of this festival more or less. Next time we will keep mistake from this time and adjust this event to be more similar to Thailand and hope we can invite all international peoples to know Thai better!
Thunmita Kasemsumrankun (Sea): Master's degree student of NRES international program, NDHU
I proudly presented traditional Thai culture to international students and professors. Normally, in Thailand, I never do this activity in my family but do with teachers. I think this activity can promote Thai culture. I think international students expect to see Songkran Festival like splash water to other people, but we would like you to see the other part of this festival.
Hope everybody enjoys this and next time also attends Thai culture.
Anusara Kaewmuan (Nuszz): Master's degree student of NRES international program, NDHU
Songkran festival is Thai New Year or knows as water festival. It is Thai culture and popular festival of Thailand. It starts from 13 April to 15 April every year. In these days, we pour water in the hand of those respected person for asking blessing and we splash water on other person. I am grateful to everyone that came to Songkran festival at NRES, National Dong Hwa University. If we can have activity in this festival next year, we will provide more activity for everyone that comes to this event.
Panida Sincharern (Meaw): Master's degree student of NRES international program, NDHU
I am very glad to talk about the Songkran festival in Thailand. When I was young I was very excited for coming of Thai New Year celebration. My hometown is in Ayutthaya province, where is an ancient capital city of Thailand for many hundred years ago. It has many activities to do during the Songkran festival. To start a long public holiday, my family always goes to a temple to bath the Buddha, make merit and virtue, and consign merit to my family ancestors who passed away. Traditional culture for teenager and young adults is to pay respect to revered elders by pouring fragrance water with flowers and Thai traditional perfume on their hands and ask them for blessing. The most favorite activity is to splash water to everyone around us and gives soft-prepared chalk or powder on their face for fun and friendship. When I stay at home with my family during this festival, it is the happiest period of mine that will be happen once a year.
  • Thai Songkran festival 策畫功臣
    Thai Songkran festival 策畫功臣
  • 特別來賓:泰國Kasetsart大學Prof. Yongyut Trisuratv
    特別來賓:泰國Kasetsart大學Prof. Yongyut Trisuratv
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