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About Us: The College of Environmental Studies

The College of Environmental Studies was established in 2009 by merging five environment-related graduate institutes — Natural Resources and Management, Environmental Policy, Ecological and Environmental Education, Earth Science, and Biological Resources and Technology. There are one single department (Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies) and one master's program which is named Master of Humanity and Environmental Science under the College, whereas the emphasis is on interdisciplinary collaborative approach in solving environmental issues. 

In addition, the college comprises four centers: 

  • Center for Disaster Prevention Research
  • Environmental Education Center
  • Campus Center for the Environment
  • Eastern Taiwan Earthquake Research Center

Our courses provide students with the skills, perspectives, and knowledge in the field of environmental science to pursue various career paths, including teaching, academic research, government employment, work in environmental NGOs and private enterprises in the natural resources sector.





The college offers two (2) English-taught Master's programs and one (1) Ph.D. program with diverse curricula. The college received acclamation and enjoyed growing interest among young people who study the complexity of ecosystems and envision sustainable development.


Introduction of the department


The Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Studies was founded in 2010 in response to a growing recognition of the complexity of ecosystems and the intention to achieve sustainable development.  The department offers basic and specialized training at both undergraduate and graduate levels, conferring B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. degrees.  The specialties of the twenty-six (26) full-time faculty members of the department span a broad academic spectrum from natural to social sciences.  

The department aims to promote inter-disciplinary collaboration by integrating various fields relating to natural resources management.  The overriding mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of socio-ecological systems in which humans inhabit. Please refer to the Department information for details of curriculums. 

The main objective of the department is to educate and train students to be innovative and effective stewards of the environment with concern for, and comprehension of, both natural systems and human societies. The department offers curricular programs and research opportunities on ecology, earth science, environmental management, and education, with special emphasis on the natural resources and environmental issues in eastern Taiwan.  We encourage students to participate in local community-based management projects to learn experience in the design and practice of adaptive management of natural resources.

Career options after graduation include teaching, academic research, and employment in governmental agencies, environmental NGOs, and private enterprises in the natural resource sector.  Graduates may also pursuit advanced study for master or PhD degrees on ecology, natural resources management, environmental economics and education, or earth science.